Property & interior photography

Build your business to the next level with gorgeous interior and property photography.

Quality photos attract quality customers

Interior, architectural and property photography in Essaouira and in all Morocco. Also lifestyle, portrait and product photography, with website building.


Property Photo Packages

Comprehensive photo packages for versatile & long-time use

I creatively combine interior design, architectural and real estate photography styles. Of course, the style always meets the needs of the client and the purpose of the photos. The photos include both the "big picture", medium and close-up shots.

I love to use natural light to create bright, clean, modern photos. The lovely details and gems of your property are captured beautifully. Choose your favorite photos to your website, and Airbnb pages. The rest you can in the course of time post to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest - I got you covered for a long time.

For high-quality results, I use a tripod and take multiple exposures (to save the shadows, midtones, and highlights). Different professional lenses (ultra-wide-angle, zooms, primes) are used for different kind of photos.

As a result, you get carefully chosen (from about 200+ originals), professionally edited large (2048 px, 72 dpi) high-quality web-use photos of your place. Each package includes also 5 print-quality photos (300 dpi) for your flyers, business cards etc. The photos are delivered online as jpg files with a one-click zipped package. Tailored packages available.

Villa / riad / farm

40 edited web quality photos
5 edited print quality photos
3 free bonus photos of Essaouira

Apartment / shop

20 edited web quality photos
5 edited print quality photos
3 free bonus photos of Essaouira

Bonus packages

With every property photoshoot, you get 3 gorgeous & FREE web-usable photos of Essaouira to show the location. You choose the photos from my bonus gallery.

No costs, no commitment for contacting. Great photos are awaiting you.

As seen in the Interior Design Magazines

Showcase your beautiful villa, riad or apartment like they do in the magazines. Unveil the fascinating details and design. With clean, modern, bright and gorgeous photos.

Let's get in contact

Tell me about your villa, apartment, riad, restaurant, shop - or whatever you want to present in an attractive and professional way to your customers. Contacting me does not cost you or obligate you to anything.

Adorable places deserve adorable photos

Impress. Attract. Engage. Feelings and good photos build the DESIRE. And when people really WANT something, they buy it. Never again empty weeks in your booking calendar. Or sell your house faster, with a better price.

The Benefits

Impress & engage

To get the possible clients to stay on your webpage and book/contact, you have to get their attention and make an instant WOW effect. Great photos do exactly that.

Sell /rent faster & more

Want to be fully booked or sell your property fast at a great price? Want more visitors to your restaurant or shop? Then you NEED good photos. So simple as that.

Beat the competition

The competition is tough in property, holiday rental and tourist business. Be smart. Be better. Stand out with gorgeous, professional photos and succeed.


Investment that repays itself

So you invested hundreds of thousands of euros to your house, but your marketing is... poor? Photos are the absolutely wrong place to "save money". Research knows that your prospects are 3-5 seconds away from leaving your webpage if you don't grab their ATTENTION. Good photos make them stay, look and read. And beautiful photos evoke the ACTION you want (book, buy, contact, visit...). The investment in professional photos repays itself.


Client Experiences


Harriet has literally brought out all the best aspects of my villa, and thanks to her wonderful work, I now have a new look at the house, and also different perspectives. Her pictures, true to reality, simply sublimate the house, with a rare elegance.

Concretely, Harriet's work allowed me to benefit from more bookings with a rent application and to make the most of this holiday home. Indeed, in the space of almost two months, the views of my ads on short-term rental sites have increased significantly.

Romain B, Essaouira


I was struggling with selling my big, expensive country house located in an isolated area. The real estate agent had snapped some casual photos with his mobile phone.

Then I hired Harriet to take care of the property photos. And the photos were great! They really showed the beauty of the 100+years old, traditional log house. I had put a lot of effort into my interior design and the house renovation, and the photos showed that in a beautiful way. In only few weeks, the house was sold at a better price I could have ever hoped for.

Vesa T, Finland

Enjoy the Free Bonus Photo Packages

All the property photography packages include a FREE 3 photos package of Essaouira. Because, you don't market only your villa or apartment, you also promote Essaouira. You choose the photos you want to include.

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