A Sound healing workshop in Essaouira, Morocco

A one-time Sound Healing Journey workshop for everybody with Alex Rhinocéros. Meditation, sound bath, sharing. Let us vibrate ourselves with music.

Sound Healing Journey

2 hour workshop


Sound Healing Journey consists of 3 different parts. Two active and one passive part. In the first part, we will focus on short meditation, and opening the body from accumulated tension. We will balance the chakras using our voice.

In the second part, the participant will lie down in a comfortable position to receive a sound bath based on didgeridoo. It makes the energetic body vibrate through the sound of this aboriginal instrument.

In the last part, we can try different instruments and we will be talking in a circle to share our experiences and feelings. We will start and close the session with the universal mantra AUM.

After the workshop, those who wish can continue and go to see the sunset together.


Essaouira, Morocco
Wed 12.12.2018 at 16.00
Duration ~2 hours
Location: open


Donation based


Whatsapp: +358505121813
Whatsapp: +33758326614

the Group

Minimum 5 persons.
Languages: English, French.
Take a yoga mat or a blanket with you.


Book your place immediately please, the workshop will be very soon at 12.12.2018. This is a one-time workshop because Alex will soon continue his traveling journey. So come and enjoy this unique opportunity now.

For us to find a suitable place for the workshop, we need to know the number of attendants. So keep in mind that the sign up is binding. Thank you :).

Kundalini yoga lessons also available for a short period. Ask more!

About Alex

The world traveling musician, sound healer and yogi


My name is Alex, and I am 30 years old. I have been traveling the world for 4 years. I am a musician since my childhood.

I started to travel without expectation, just to discover the world and going deeper to myself. After walking 1800 km of Camino de Compostela I realized how life can be intense out of the conventional way of living. From this point, I left all my addictions and started to learn about meditation, yoga and a healthy life in general. I have been hitchhiking through all middle Est from Albania to India.

In Turkey, I met an amazing shaman from Russia who taught me the technique of sound healing. I understood that sound is the base of the vibration and that is giving a very deep impact to our emotional, mental, spiritual and also physical body. Using our voice and natural instruments we can harmonize the chakras and connect our consciousness to our cells and the electromagnetic field.

For two years now I have been giving sound healing almost everywhere where I am, and have created a beautiful connection with people. I believe that we always need to reprogram our genetic system to the infity empowerment evolution.

Research has linked music to a number of health benefits, from boosting immune function, lowering stress levels, improving memory and sleep to decreasing the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.

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