Sahara Desert, Merzouga

A camel trek and a night or several in the Sahara desert is a must for every Morocco visitor. I just loved it. The camels were nice and kind, I thought camels are crumpy? The riding was great, and I even took photos with two hands - thanks for my experience with horse riding. The dinner in the berber tent is magical. And I never tasted such a good tajine. The starry night was beautiful but cold - take enough clothes with you in the wintertime.

After dinner, we all sat around the campfire and the guys were playing drums and castanets. Somebody told berber jokes. We travelers could also try the drumming, it was FUN. The castanets would need some more practicing though...

I shot again with my good old trusty 50 mm F1.8. I wanted to capture the feeling of the desert magic; music, fire, singing, drumming. Works so fine even in the very darkness. Hope to go there back in my next trip to Morocco!


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